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Yokosuka Industrial Community Plaza offers rooms for various activities, such as meeting, seminar, conference, sales, exhibition, club activity, etc.

General Information

Address: 3rd floor, BAYSQUARE Yokosuka No.1, 3-27 Honcho, Yokosuka City
Operating Hour: 9:00-22:00 / Closed: Dec.29-Jan.3
TEL:+81-46-828-1630 / FAX :+81-46-821-1200

How to Reserve?

  • Companies and other business entities can register 6 months prior to the date of use. Others (private use, club activity, etc.) can register 3 months prior to the date of use.
  • Please contact reception by E-mail or FAX. We send application form. Please fill out it and submit to the reception via E-mail or FAX.

Payment of Rental Fee

  • Please make a payment by cash at reception within due date of payment after the reservation.
  • Invoice can be issued if required. Please inform us.

Change and Cancellation Policy

  • If you make cancellation before 15 days of the use, half of the rental fee is refundable.
  • Change of date can be accepted if you apply before 1 day of use.
  • Change of a room type and rental time can be accepted on the day of use.
  • Any change can be accepted only one-time only.
  • If the price increases due to changes, an additional fee will be charged. Refunds cannot be made if the amount is reduced.


  • Free equipment: projector, CD/DVD player, wireless microphone, etc.
    Reservation is required.
  • Free WiFi Internet
  • Drink Vending Machine
  • Eating and drinking (including alcoholic beverage) is allowed in the rooms.
  • Layout of desks can be arranged. Please submit a layout drawing in advance.


  • Use of fire is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not play loud music.
  • Smoking is prohibited.
  • Bring back any trash with you.
  • Do not exceed capacity of room.


  • 1 minute walk from Keikyu Sioiri Station
  • 8 minute walk from JR Yokosuka Station
  • No free car parking. Please use BAYSQUARE Parking or other parking lot.


Room Type and Rental Fee

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Room Type Capacity Size
Rental Fee
(Per 1hr) Yen
Room Facilities
Non-Profit Use Profit Use
Special Conference Room 20 75 1,070 2,140 CD/DVD/Cassette Player, Whiteboard
Conference Room 1 20 73 1,040 2,080 Whiteboard
Conference Room 2 16 51 730 1,460 Whiteboard
Conference Room 3 12 32 460 920 Whiteboard
Conference Room 4 24 74 1,050 2,100 Whiteboard
Conference Room 5 12 47 670 1,340 Whiteboard
Lecture Room 1 64 160 2,070 4,140 CD/Casette Player, Wireless Microphone, Whiteboard
Lecture Room 2 48 130 1,650 3,300 CD/Casette Player, Wireless Microphone, Whiteboard
Community Salon 40 100 1,150 2,300 Whiteboard
Lobby - - 10 20 -
  • *Rental fee of Lobby is per 1m2 and per 1 hour.